Are you preoccupied with your own agenda?

March 26th, 2012

Are you preoccupied with your own agenda?

In 1978 I had the pleasure of being inducted into “Speakers Roundtable” which Charlie had been a member of for years.  We hit it off immediately!  In addition to what became a close friendship, he became my spiritual mentor, strongly impacting my faith in general and my Christian walk in particular.  I could call him anytime with a problem or a story and it was always good for laughs and wisdom.  One day I called him when I was going through a divorce and I was lower than low.  It was obvious to him that I was eaten up with self-pity and handling my challenge all wrong.  He said “Don, your problem is you are too busy worrying about yourself.  You need to get busy doing more for your chosen charities and others.  Don’t you know a hound dog in a hunt doesn't know he has fleas?!

I said “Charlie, what are you talking about?”

He said “Don, if you are so busy helping others in a worthwhile way you won’t have time to be in an attitudinal funk!  You will be like the hound dog chasing a rabbit, forgetting his fleas, with all the energy he’s got!”

Charlie Jones was right, and here’s what I learned from his wisdom:  Don’t get so preoccupied with your own worries and agenda that you don’t have time to do things for others!  I immediately accepted board positions with a couple of additional charitable organizations, did more mentoring to others and grew from the experience.  I didn'thave time for self-pity.  My problems seemed smaller than those of many I was helping and I realized that it is indeed, more blessed to give than to receive. 

My good friend and spiritual mentor, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones went to be with the Lord a few years ago, but his influence on me and countless others continues.  Thank you Lord, for the many gift of Charlie Jones! 

Do you have a mentor that can help you go from "stinkin thinkin" to launching more positive outcomes? 

 For more information about the great Charlie "Tremendous" Jones, visit:


Tom Abbott: I have a mentor and his name is Don Hutson. I'm so grateful for all you've helped with since we met that 'one hot day in Singapore'. All the best to you and Terri!

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